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The Problem

Hardies felt they were not getting the service they required from their existing provider and were frustrated at the lack of pro-active management, multiple confusing bills, and the fact they had not had a rate review in years.  All their sites linked to their main office for their management software and the current broadband service they were getting was holding the business back due to the restrictive upload speeds they were receiving with their standard broadband service.  They were recommended to upgrade their connectivity by their IT company but needed advice on the various options.  We were asked to review their current telecom setup and advise on cost-savings and any connectivity improvements available.

The Solution

By collating all their current bills over a period and handing them over to us, we were able to go through and identify exactly what services they were currently paying for and provide a simple like for like cost saving analysis of their existing services.  Through this process we identified a number of redundant services they were able to cancel and provide Hardies with a better understanding of their current setup.  We were able to simplify their billing structure dramatically, added in additional features such as free e-alerts and online billing access and identified savings of 27% across fixed lines and calls - a total saving of £5,784 per annum.

Further to the savings made on line rental and calls made in 2010, we were able to implement faster connectivity at all their sites in 2011 and the savings made on line rental and call charges allowed them to do this without increasing their overall telecom spend.


Following a review of our telephone costs and, very importantly, service levels we transferred our business to 2Circles in July 2010.  The key factors for moving were a great reduction in our call and rentals costs including free inter office calls, a dedicated account manager and a detailed on line billing system which was tailored to suit our multi-site requirements.  Having provided all the service levels as promised we then transferred our broadband facilities a year later.  As a Firm we rely heavily on our telephone and broadband facilities so this was a big step to take but most definitely the right one.  I would not hesitate in recommending their excellent services."

Judith Darnell - Business Manager - Hardies Property & Construction Consultants

Case Brief:

Who Are Hardies?

Hardies are one of the largest independent firms of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland with fourteen offices strategically located across the country providing local knowledge and national coverage. Hardies provide a comprehensive and complementary range of property and construction related professional services across a variety of sectors.

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