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Case: Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Case Details

The Problem

Keep Scotland Beautiful has been a client of 2Circles since June 2014.  We contacted them to offer to help them with an office move to a different location in the same business park.  The charity was investigating moving all existing ISDN30 services and remaining with the same provider.  Keep Scotland Beautiful was staying within the same exchange so although services could be moved, new contract terms would have been applied.  Termination fees for switching away were over £6,000.  Based on this, Keep Scotland Beautiful thought staying with their current provider was the only option.  Retaining existing ISDN30 services was certainly a viable solution – but the timescales, upfront costs and ongoing rental meant that SIP was a much more sensible and financially viable solution in the long term.

The Solution

We were able to provide Keep Scotland Beautiful with SIP trunks to carry their telecom calls over their leased line connectivity.  By choosing a 2Circles SIP solution over their existing ISDN30 service, Keep Scotland Beautiful was able to project savings of around £10,000 on rental charges over a 5 year term by reducing the fixed rental charges by 86%.  A further 62% saving on call charges was also made possible, meaning an estimated net saving of over £17,000 over a 5 year term, even after accounting for termination charges.

Client Testimonial

We were looking for a modern telecoms solution to improve both our customer service provision and our internal communications and were impressed with the comprehensive package put together for us by 2Circles.  In a fast-paced and ever changing digital world, we were looking for a modern, scalable system and a flexible service plan at a lower cost.   We were pleased that 2Circles opened the doors to new technology which dovetailed nicely with our existing data services and has enabled us to perform the functions of the charity in a more efficient and cost effective way. - Catherine Gee, Corporate Services Director at Keep Scotland Beautiful

Case Brief:

Keep Scotland Beautiful is the charity that campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people’s lives and the places they care for. We are committed to making Scotland clean, green and more sustainable.


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