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Case: Leiths


Case Details

The Problem

Our initial visit with Leiths in early 2010 uncovered many short comings with the previous account management of their fixed line services. There was no clear escalation path for any reported issues or faults, and very little follow up when required. Along with this there were multiple providers across multiple billing platforms with different points of contact for each service. There was also a lack of continuity due to ever changing “account managers”, and an overall lack of transparency in terms of tariffs across different sites.

The Solution

We had diarised to revisit the account for the end of September 2011 which was the end point of Leiths previous contract. Within a week we had summarised all the accounts under the several providers and were able to provide a cost comparison. We were able to simplify their billing structure dramatically, with the ability to separate billing by site, department, and cost centre, as well as identifying savings of 27% across fixed line and call services - a total saving of over £12,000 per annum.

Along with this, one of their sister companies – Markon - was set to move site in January and required all services such as 20/100 mbps Fibre broadband, IP voice trunking (SIP), as well as standard ISDN and PSTN services. We were able to provide all services whilst providing Markon and their IT company with a single point of contact to help manage the move. As a result, we were able to deliver the correct network services on time to ensure their IT company could carry out all work necessary.

As a managed service provider with a full range of network services available, we are now in a good position to review further services, such as wide area network and connectivity services across the sites in order to see how we can upgrade and improve speeds, as well as provide more cost effective connections where possible.


“Having used our previous telecoms provider for over 20 years, we had many concerns regarding a move to a new provider.  However we also had been let down on several occasions and felt we should look to find better ways of managing our telecommunications – a vital part of our business. 2Circles Consulting had been in contact with one of my colleagues and we were impressed with the reductions in cost and what seemed to be a better and more defined account management structure. Along with this we were informed that the transfer process would be seamless and installation of services for the new site would be fully managed. We were provided with testimonials from a variety of local business that proved this, and decided to make the change.

As a company we rely heavily on our telecoms services so this was a big step to take, but most definitely the right one. We have had immediate help when needed and a proactive local representative who is able to offer further reviews of other services. I would not hesitate in recommending their excellent services."

Malcolm McSporran – Finance Director – Leiths Group

Case Brief:

Who Are Leiths?

Leiths are one of the largest independent construction material firms in Scotland with four divisions covering a full range of quarrying, construction, plant and transport services. Combined with their sister companies, they can provide the full “one stop shop” solution for an entire project. Leiths are a family run business, and take pride in building relationships with their customers and suppliers alike.

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