Case: The Rock Trust

Case Details

The Problem

The Rock Trust had 4 different providers across landlines, mobiles and broadband so managing costs effectively was a challenge and it wasn’t clear who to call for assistance.  They wanted to consolidate their services under one umbrella and were keen to stay on the O2 network but they already had a 16% discount from O2 that most O2 resellers couldn’t compete with.  As well as their mobiles, they have 46 residential properties with a BT line in each but residents were calling expensive numbers even though there was supposed to be a call barring feature applied.  There was a distinct lack of account management and things just weren’t getting done.

The Solution

As 2Circles’ clients already included many local charities and businesses it made sense to have our review carried out.  As O2's Number 1 Wholesale Partner we were able to match O2’s 16% discount and also brought all services together with one point of contact and a single bill. The finance team needed costs to be broken down by site, department and user which they can do with our online billing.  We were able to drastically improve the performance of their internet connection by providing an ANNEX M service, giving a much better performing upload speed.  In addition to the service improvements we were able to reduce their annual spend by 37% saving the charity £3500 a year. We also set up call barring at their residential properties further reducing call spend.


I have spent the last 8 years at The Rock Trust battling with poor customer services from various large international telecommunication companies. Not only could BT not find a system which suited us (it wasn’t that complex, we just wanted our tenants to be able to call freephone numbers and emergency services but not make chargeable calls) but they were very unhelpful whenever our tenants managed to find a loophole and spend hundreds of pounds at a time on our phone lines. There really didn’t seem like any other option.  I am happy to say that I was wrong. 2Circles took over our head office telephone numbers with ease, joining our accounts together. They then took over any new property lines so we now have one grouped account, for everything from our new mobile contracts to our business and new residential lines. We are now in the process of transferring all of our existing residential lines over to them. Really glad to have taken the opportunity to speak to 2Circles in the beginning and we really did get exactly what was promised to us.

Case Brief:

The Rock Trust aims to prevent youth homelessness and to support young people to build better futures. Their role is to advise, educate and support young people to enable them to build the personal skills and resources required to make a positive and healthy transition to adulthood whilst avoiding or moving on from homelessness.


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