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Case: ZooLab

Case Details

The Problem

Zoolab wanted to provide their Rangers and ‘animal team’ all over the UK with good value, good quality tablets in order that they could push out work flow information, marketing materials and help with diary management from head office. There was a requirement as well to be able to track the tablets from a health and safety point of view and make sure that if they were lost that they could be remotely wiped at any stage. As Zoolab were providing the Sim cards, cost management was important so that large excess data charges were not generated by staff out on the road. This was achieved by barring access to non-work websites and provided alerts to head office for impending data limits.

The Solution

2Circles provided a selection of Android tablets which were all preconfigured with Sim cards on Zoolab’s preferred network and provided “ready to go”. As part of the solution, Mobile Device Management was provided with an easy to use portal that Zoolab could use to track and monitor the use of the tablets, data usage.


When we first met with 2circles we had little knowledge of what functionality we required from our tablets and the network packages available to us. Jamie explained everything in a clear and concise way which allowed us to pick a model of tablet and network package that fully meets our needs and our company is reaping the benefits of this with increased communication with our field staff and an increase in sales due to us now being able to offer remote access to our systems to our field based staff.

Case Brief:

Established for over 20 years, ZooLab are the UK's number 1 animal handling experience company. We have a national network of rangers and an 'animal team' that are on hand to help schools, companies, organisations and care homes to bring people closer to nature, and stimulate an interest in science, nature and learning.

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  • Client: ZooLab

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