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Callable - Cloud Telephony through MS Teams

Video conferencing is a huge part of modern technology and allows us to stay connected to one another wherever we are. Whether it's for business conference calls and client meetings, or catch ups with family and friends, this technology is second to none. It has also more recently become clear how vital this kind of tech can be for business continuity, through the many months spent working from home for most businesses.

Our unique platform, Callable, enables an integrated communications experience with
Microsoft Teams.

Callable provides unrivalled features and flexibility compared to any other service on the market, and is highly user friendly with little training needed due to these months spent working from home and using Teams as a virtual 'office'.

Benefits to your Business

  • Enables a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment
  • The software integrates over multiple devices
  • No disruption to service upon securing
  • Simple admin portal
  • Keep all of the same phone numbers and call routes

Being able to make and receive business calls on the go through Microsoft Teams is extremely beneficial for productivity and business continuity, not to mention the easy integration with your current phone system.

'The missing piece of the communications jigsaw'

For more information on how to optimise business continuity through this incredible integration, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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