Web Listings

Web Listings

Web Listings

Improve your Search Engine Optimisation in just a few clicks and make your business more discoverable with our Web Listings product.

Integrated with over 50 online platforms like Google, Uber, Bing and Trip Advisor , this product will drastically improve your online prescence by ensuring that all of your information is symmetrical, so that your customers know exactly where and when to find you.

In an age where search engines are used billions of times per day (Google alone receives 5.6 billion searches every day), it is crucial to get as high on those results as you possibly can. In 2020, 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a business within a 5 mile radius to them, and products like this one make it so much easier for smaller businesses to be discovered!

Benefit from;

  • Accuracy - Pinpoint your exact location on the map to allow customers to find you more easily.
  • Findability - Improving your SEO leads to a higher Google ranking, which puts you higher on search results.
  • Ease - Need to change some of your information? No problem! You can go in and edit details (opening hours, etc) whenever you like, in just a few clicks!
  • Cost Effectiveness - Gone are the days when only businesses with the big bucks would have the ability to climb online search results, Web Listings allows smaller and local businesses to do the same without breaking the bank.
  • New Business - Being higher on search engine results means that more customers are likely to see you.

To find out more about our Web Listings product, please contact us on 03456 200 222 or at info@2circlesconsulting.com

Alternatively, check out our video here which explains the product in more detail.

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