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1. First mobile phone.....My First Mobile was surprise, surprise a Nokia brick. Although if we are talking bricks I remember my Dad getting one with a battery pack so big it came with a handbag!

2. Favourite app on your smartphone.....The favourite app on my smartphone would have to be my Kindle app, as a busy Mum if I am ever waiting at football training or swimming its great to be able to carry on with my book without any forward planning.

3. Success Principle I live by.....I leant this when I was a student and it was such a valuable lesson - “successful people do the things that less successful people aren’t prepared to do….”

4. To relax I like to.....Swimming always helps me to relax and I can also think of nothing I enjoy more that a long family walk on a Sunday afternoon, although these days it usually involves walking round a golf course!!

5. Number 1 song in the charts when you graduated uni.....Love is All Around by Wet Wet Wet.

6. Fondest sporting memory.....I really enjoyed taking our young boys to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford – I went to Uni in Manchester and always wanted to go to a match and to go with three (four if you count Robin) excited young men was the icing on the cake. I also watched Ipswich Town get promoted to the premiership in one of the last ever matches at the old Wembley Stadium, a great game and a great result for the "Tractor Boys”.

7. Most unusual place I’ve used my mobile phone.....Probably sneaking in a picture of Tiger Woods at the Masters 2015.


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