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Hannah Clear

Customer Experience Manager

1. First mobile phone: It was an Orange Nokia brick but cannot remember the model – must have been 1998/1999

2. Favourite app on your smartphone: Shamefully it would be Facebook – but my FitBit app, Kindle app and banking app are a very close second.

3. Success Principle I live by: If you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results.

4. To relax I like to: Take Molly and Gizmo (the cat) for a walk, followed by cuddling up with Ed watching a film and most likely a glass of vino or a beer.

5. Number 1 song in the charts when you graduated college: Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby – Tune!!

6. Fondest sporting memory: My gosh there are loads! Top ones though are: Realising my dream of playing County netball. Our team winning both Aylesbury and Hatfield leagues in the 2008/2009 season – we were undefeated until the last Aylesbury game of the season where we lost by one goal – it worked out as 37/38 wins in one season. What a team! And finally, smashing the long jump record at school, a loss was expected when our form had only put me in there because no one else wanted to go against the school champ. I love an underdog story.

7. Most unusual place I’ve used my mobile phone: On an small Island in Fiji – it just completely baffled me at the time that I was in the middle of an ocean, on an island I could walk around in about 20 minutes, talking to my mum.

Hannah Clear

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