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Robin Shek


First mobile phone - My first phone was a Samsung P510 flip phone. It was my big sisters old phone that was passed down to me.

Favourite app on your smartphone - I have 2 favourite apps. The first would have to be Spotify, used when at the gym or for long drives and the other would be my “Garmin Connect” It keeps me up to date on my health and fitness goals.

Success Principle I live by - Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

To relax I like to - To relax I love having a round of golf, playing 5 a side football, listening to music or having a couple of pints with the lads.

Number 1 song in the charts when you graduated university - I believe it was Rihanna – Umbrella. Because it was played on the radio so much I have the lyrics embedded in my brain.

Fondest sporting memory - Winning the treble for Leithen Rovers FC in my first season there. A close second would have to be finally beating my dad at Golf when I was 13. Also watching Ronaldinho singlehandedly beat England 2-1 in the 2002 World Cup.

Most unusual place I’ve used my mobile phone - I was about to do the bungie jump at Macau tower and realised I still had my phone in my pocket. I took it out, replied to a message, took a photo and then gave it to the instructor before jumping off.

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