Client Reviews

What our clients say about us
Will Griffths

“Rolling out 500 smartphones to our driver network was a big undertaking but 2 Circles made the process really straightforward. Not only did 2 Circles provide a very competitive price for hardware and telecoms but the outstanding customer service they provide make them a fantastic company to partner with. 2 Circles account managers are always extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. A great company to work with.”


Will Griffiths; ecommerce and digital development manager.

Will Griffths Wiltshire Farm Foods
David Cummings

"As a remote site we struggled with our broadband connection for many years. Working with 2Circles we were able to explore a number of options resulting in the install of a Dedicated Lease line and VoIP. Their knowledge and direction towards some Government funding made this a very smooth process which has improved staff efficiency and thereby the members and visitor experience. 

All of their staff have been very easy to deal with and have efficiently tweaked our system as it bedded in to allow for operational changes. I would happily recommend 2circles as a service provider."

David Cummings The Royal Musselburgh Golf Club
Rob Exelby

“Exelby Services have been partnered with 2Circles for our telecoms since 2014. Not only do they continue to offer the most competitive pricing but their customer service is fantastic. Any issues or queries are immediately dealt with and the billing and account management process is very easy to navigate and monitor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 2Circles to anyone in any line of business.”

Rob Exelby Exelby Services
Michelle Ronald; ICT Manager

2Circles have proven to be a great price competitive solution for TPS, with exemplary customer support, great digital solutions and a great team to work with. They have gone above and beyond our contract in assisting us with digital inclusion in our sector and finding the right solution for many challenges.

Michelle Ronald

Michelle Ronald; ICT Manager Turning Point Scotland
Chris Whyte; Finance and Accounting

Over several years the service from BT had gotten worse and worse. Even waiting to report a fault took hours in some cases. Our broadband was a nightmare and getting hold of the right person to speak to about this took several attempts each time. They cut off our fax line and broadband by accident and it took weeks to get re connected because of red tape and inadequate systems. Most of the time I had to speak to people from India who simply followed a set of instructions and got stuck if asked something not on their list. BT Local business were hopeless. They took your call and all the information but never followed it up. Each time I called I had to give all the information again. In the end I had to demand to speak to a manager. I was told there were no managers and every one covered each other’s backs. Exasperated by BT in November 2016 we changed from BT to 2 Circles.  Since then we have had great service with our telephone lines. The new phone system they provided is excellent and offers many new features. I have had a few occasions where I have needed help and I have been able to call them and speak to someone local who is dedicated to finding a solution. No more waiting, no more redirections, no more confusion, no more rude engineers, no more frustration. We are totally happy with 2 Circles for our telephone lines and our broadband.

Chris Whyte

Chris Whyte; Finance and Accounting Collier Haulage
Fiona Buggy; Business Support Manager

“I just wanted to say that I heartily recommend working with 2Circles. The amount of time I spend dealing with staff phone issues has dramatically decreased since we moved over to 2Circles from EE.  I used to spent about a day and a half a month on staff-related phone issues when I was dealing directly with EE.  We now spend less than half a day a month. Ali is always very helpful and patient and able to come up with solutions that meet our needs. In the past year, we’ve had a number of contracts with other providers end / needed to get new services installed in some of our satellite offices.  Each time we’ve chosen to go through 2Circles rather than providers directly because they give better value for money and we’re very happy with the service.”

Fiona Buggy

Fiona Buggy; Business Support Manager Who Cares? Scotland
Ros Dowey; Director of IT & Digital

“Our lives are so much easier now that we have a single point of contact for all our telecoms services.  2Circles customer service is excellent, they respond quickly to resolve any issues or requirements that we have. There have been significant cost savings for Aberlour as a result of moving all services over to better deals with 2Circles too.”

Ros Dowey

Ros Dowey; Director of IT & Digital Aberlour Child Care Trust
Ann Mcllwraith

"As always, dealing with 2Circles was very easy. We now have a new phone system and faster broadband with no problems during the installation. We even managed to save money which is an added bonus. It is great to be able to pick up the phone and have any problems dealt with quickly. We have been approached by other companies but would not go anywhere else as the customer service is excellent! Well done 2Circles, 10/10"

Ann Mcllwraith

Ann Mcllwraith Access Scaffold Systems Ltd
Neil Alexander; Director

I have known Martin for a number of years and we have been able to assist each other in business many times. On a number of occasions where we have been asked to arrange SIM based and broadband line based communications for our clients, we have turned to Martin who has always excelled in delivering this to us quickly, efficiently and always with a smile.
When we moved to our new purpose built offices and demonstration building last year, Martin was able to advise on the telecoms side of the business and how to get the best service available. It’s always great to have someone you can trust to turn to at a time when you have so many things going on, and know they’ll handle it all for you without you having to worry about a thing.
Most recently, for a client of ours, I discovered that Martin also offers a service for telephone calls for the deaf. The service is very clever with a signing person being able to act as the live go-between to allow companies to be able to cater for customers who are hard of hearing. We are working on a video intercom system as a part of the Eclipse security and access control offering together in line with this which is very exciting.
I would highly recommend Martin and everyone at 2Circles as experts in their field in providing all forms of mobile and landline based communications.

Neil Alexander

Neil Alexander; Director Eclipse IP
Clare Copping

I recently switched from BT to 2Circles and the whole process was seamless. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and never pushy - a delight to do business with. The other staff I've dealt with so far have been extremely helpful, and my first bill was very clear and detailed - and saving me money on calls already! I'm delighted with the transfer and am singing their praises and recommending them at every opportunity. As an independent business owner with Forever Living Products I use the phone for local and mobile calls, as well as 0844 numbers for weekly conference call training's and so to have a reduced bill every months is very welcome! I've also been impressed that I only have to call one number, that's answered quickly and I get a human who knows what they're talking about, knows me, doesn't transfer me all over the place, is local, and deals with the problem quickly and efficiently. I' a very happy customer!

Clare Copping

Clare Copping Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products
Rachel West

We made the decision to move our telephony services away from BT at the beginning of 2011 as we were aware that there were potentially more cost effective service providers on the market. Having received a personal visit from a local representative of 2Circles Consulting, we reviewed our services and identified not only a 40% reduction in costs but a significantly easier to use billing platform. Along with this, any question or issue we have for customer service is dealt with by contacting their account management team at head office, where we are thankfully answered with immediate effect and without any auto menus. Along with this we have been followed up with by our local representative and are looking to review other services with them in the future.

Rachel West

Rachel West Whitelink Seafoods Ltd
Lynne Gray

After being with BT for over 35 years, we were somewhat reluctant to change our phone line supplier. This was despite the horrendous customer service we had experienced and the nightmare we had suffered during our move into our new premises.
2Circles was referred to us and assured us, unlike BT, someone would answer our calls first time, be in this country and at the same time he would save us considerable money.
Our lines changed over on Wednesday and the move was seamless, we did have to make a call to their customer services to clarify a couple of things and amazingly someone answered the phone within 2 rings and even more amazingly could not have been more pleasant.
We knew immediately we had made the right choice by moving to 2Circles, we look forward to years of cheaper phone calls, our only regret, we wish we had done it sooner.

Lynne Gray

Lynne Gray Gray Forklift Services
Robert Figis

The switch to 2Circles was effortless and seamless. We are very pleased with the service we have received and would have no hesitation in recommending them to the rest of the HTA Membership.

Robert Figis

Robert Figis Bennybeg/Guyana
Grant Stewart

When we changed to 9dots from BT, my major concern was downtime during the hand over. The obvious cost savings would be outweighed by downtime. 9dots with the excellent support of 2Circles made it seamless and painless with no downtime at all. As we email drawings they tend to be large attachments or downloaded onto a “cloud”. 2Circles informed us of changes in the local exchange and allowed us to increase the performance dramatically and reduce our costs at the same time.

We have made further savings moving our mobiles from the existing supplier to 2Circles as well: Again another seamless transfer.

The support for the rare glitch is outstanding with a UK based dedicated person at 2 Circles. I can recommend the service that 2Circles offer for Landline, Mobile and Broadband.

Grant Stewart

Grant Stewart SIPS Industries
Catherin Hamonic

I would like to thank you for the efficient and excellent service that I received from you and your company 2Circles Consulting. With your advice and experience you helped me to find the best package for my business. I particularly want to thank you for your quick responses which ensured that I have the best service to run my company. You were very professional and I would have great confidence in recommending you to anyone starting up in any industry.

Catherin Hamonic

Catherin Hamonic Haven Property Management Services
Rebecca Hussey; UK Travel Manager

After our experiences with our previous provider we were delighted at the ease and professionalism that 2Circles took over our lines and call charges. Our delight has continued with their knowledge of our systems, the quickness they return our calls and how they keep us informed throughout any queries or works raised. I absolutely would have no hesitation in recommending them to any company looking to change their communications provider.

Rebecca Hussey

Rebecca Hussey; UK Travel Manager American Express Travel Services
Terry Holmes

I would like to say a big thank you for arranging to save me money on my BT landlines. I can say I'm already seeing the savings over the last 3 months and at this rate I'll be able to put aside enough for an upgrade for my mobiles.
Your service and attention to details means I can rely upon my requirements being met with the minimum of problems and delivered in a time sensitive and efficient manner.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your business to my contacts and clients.

Terry Holmes

Terry Holmes Fact and Figures Accountancy LLP
Neil Brown; Finance Manager

We have worked with 2Circles and the 2 Circles Communications team for the past 2 years for fixed line, mobile and leased line requirements for our UK headquarters. Our previous supplier had mismanaged our account, and after a thorough review we identified considerable cost reductions and a promise of far better account management and customer service.

Due to the nature of our business we need our suppliers to be sensitive to our needs and quick to respond. We have developed a great relationship with the back office staff at 2 Circles and the 2Circles Consulting team. We can contact our account management team within a few rings at any time, and emails are always responded to within a few hours.

We have also benefited commercially, and the promised cost reductions have been fully realised for both fixed line and mobile services, with an easy to use unified billing platform. O2 has always been our preferred network due to the international coverage and reliability it provides. 2Circles are their top partner in the UK and it has proven a great decision to work with them.

Neil Brown

Neil Brown; Finance Manager Rowan Drilling UK Ltd
Andrew McGreenhin; Finance and Operations Manager


We have 2 sites in Edinburgh and we used to have our phone/broadband services with BT, however if we had problems we found it very difficult to get through to someone who could help. We switched to 2Circles and after a few months we had a broadband outage…my colleague said to me “there’s no point in reporting the problem as we can never get hold of someone”, to which I suggested that it would be worth calling 2Circles. My colleague was pleasantly shocked that she got through to someone within a few seconds! She was then called back at the time that had been promised to her and received a follow up call to check if all was well! Well worth switching for the customer support alone, however we are also pleased to have reduced our costs.

Andrew McGreenhin

Andrew McGreenhin; Finance and Operations Manager Destiny Church Edinburgh
Martin Brown; Manager (Business & Estates)

We have been with 2Circles Consulting for 2 years. The original review that was carried out showed better costs and service improvements in terms of managing our landlines. We have been happy with how 2Circles have helped us monitor/manage our costs and we are grateful for the suggestions that have been made. On the whole we are satisfied with the robust arrangement between our companies and we are keen to continue this for the foreseeable future!

Martin Brown

Martin Brown; Manager (Business & Estates) Rossie Young People's Trust
Tiffany Behrendt; Finance Administrator

I have spent the last 8 years at The Rock Trust battling with poor customer services from various large international telecommunication companies. Not only could BT not find a system which suited us (it wasn’t that complex, we just wanted our tenants to be able to call freephone numbers and emergency services but not make chargeable calls) but they were very unhelpful whenever our tenants managed to find a loophole and spend hundreds of pounds at a time on our phone lines. There really didn’t seem like any other option. I am happy to say that I was wrong. 2Circles took over our head office telephone numbers with ease, joining our accounts together. They then took over any new property lines so we now have one grouped account, for everything from our new mobile contracts to our business and new residential lines. We are now in the process of transferring all of our existing residential lines over to them. Really glad to have taken the opportunity to speak to 2Circles in the beginning and we really did get exactly what was promised to us.

Tiffany Behrendt

Tiffany Behrendt; Finance Administrator The Rock Trust
Steve Hemsworth; Managing Director


It is a joy to be dealt with by a real person every time I call up and not have to trawl through the never ending ‘push button’ services offered by some suppliers, on top of this I am confident ever time that the person I speak to at the end of the phone will be both knowledgeable and familiar with my account.

Steve Hemsworth

Steve Hemsworth; Managing Director
Malcolm McSporran; Finance Director


Having used our previous telecoms provider for over 20 years, we had many concerns regarding a move to a new provider. However, we also had been let down on several occasions and felt we should look to find better ways of managing our telecommunications – a vital part of our business. 2Circles Consulting had been in contact with one of my colleagues and we were impressed with the reductions in cost and what seemed to be a better and more defined account management structure. Along with this we were informed that the transfer process would be seamless and installation of services for the new site would be fully managed. We were provided with testimonials from a variety of local business that proved this, and decided to make the change.

As a company we rely heavily on our telecoms services so this was a big step to take, but most definitely the right one. We have had immediate help when needed and a proactive local representative who is able to offer further reviews of other services. I would not hesitate in recommending their excellent services.

Malcolm McSporran

Malcolm McSporran; Finance Director Leiths Group
Zara Mair; Solicitor

I wish to show my appreciation by thanking you for assisting us with the installation of our new VoIP phone system and broadband. There are some complicated functions within the phone system which can be a little daunting at first but the add-on value of your service is the human element. It is very encouraging to speak to the same UK-based person about any issues which we have.

You are your team have been extremely professional and patient with us and provided us with “the hand holding” which we so desperately require.

I have every confidence that you and your team shall continue to fulfil our communications needs going forward.

Zara Mair

Zara Mair; Solicitor Stewart Watt & Co
Michael Maloco; Pertner


At a time when cost control is so vital I was delighted to find that since combining our mobiles and landlines in one contract and switching to 2Circles, our costs have fallen by approximately 18% on the previous year. Given that turnover was in fact up slightly this truly is testimony to the savings that can be made. Service levels too have been excellent.

As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend 2Circles to any business.

Michael Maloco

Michael Maloco; Pertner Maloco and Associates
Sue Urquhart; MRCVS

We initially spoke with Ali Marshall from 2Circles, who analysed our landline and mobile phone bills. The proposal that we received offered service improvements and cost savings of 25%, so it made sense to move.

The transfer process was simple with no disruption. We find the customer support to be refreshing – we can always speak to a real person without having to waste time waiting on hold or being bounced around an automated call answering system. The bills are easy to understand. It is also useful having both landlines and mobiles on the same billing platform. Can't wait to move our broadband over too!

Sue Urquhart

Sue Urquhart; MRCVS Thistle Vets, Edinburgh
Ian Christie

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work when we decided to change our phone line back to BT. It was done on time and was very efficiently done. All the information regarding the redirection service was spot on. In conjunction with this we are now saving app. 20%-25% on our phone bills per month.
I cannot praise him and his company enough for a job well done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who is looking to make a saving on their phone lines.

Ian Christie

Ian Christie IGC Gas Services

I would like to thank you for your advice regarding my communication costs. I had thought as a sole trader I would be too small to benefit from your service with 2Circles Consulting and that you would be looking for larger companies. However after having a 1-2-1 with you I realised how wrong I had been.
You looked at all my charges for broadband, mobile, office phone and cable and presented me with various options for saving money. Equally you advised where it was not worth making a change.
Throughout you were very professional, obviously thoroughly know your business and were very reassuring. You explained I would receive letters telling me my service would be cut off, which I did, and to ignore them, which I also did. The whole transfer to 9dots was quick and seamless with no drop in service, only a drop in my monthly charges.
I would highly recommend your services ,especially if, like me, you were a customer of BT - you cannot fail to make savings. Thank you for your speedy, efficient and above all very friendly service.

Alison Baugh

Alison Baugh VA TimeSmart
Scott C Higgins; Director


We were approached in February 2009 by 2Circles, and initially had reservations about the level of service they would provide and actual savings to be made. The changeover was very easy, with very little effort on my part and we are now enjoying savings of 60% on our calls and 33% off our fixed line charges. I would recommend any other member of the HTA who are wishing to make savings on their telephone call charges, to contact 2Circles.

Scott C Higgins

Scott C Higgins; Director Threaplands Landscaping & Garden Centre
Alex Cruickshank

AMC Removals recently transferred our landlines from BT to 9dots Consulting. In addition, AMC Removals took advantage of a free service offered by 2Circles Consulting. This was a fax to e-mail service. As a result we no longer have the expense of a phone line to operate a fax machine. We no longer have to use and maintain a fax machine, we no longer have to purchase expensive ink and paper. AMC Removals have saved quite an amount every month compared to what was being charged by BT in addition to the expense of operating a fax machine.

I have always found 2Circles Consulting very helpful and the advantage of a quick informed response to any query refreshing.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending 2Circles Consulting.

Alex Cruickshank

Alex Cruickshank AMC Removals UK
Neil Watson; Media Specialist

We were recommended by our maintainer, AL Global, to go with 2Circles for the Smart Connect ADSL solution and ISDN 30 as it was a more cost effective solution to our previous set up. It was a big move to go with a completely different provider as it is extremely important for us, as with any other business, to have our communications in working order. We are pleased to say that the changeover was handled perfectly and everything the provider said would happen was followed through on. Our costs have been cut and there has been no loss of service on the phone system or speed reduction in the broadband. Our local rep is easily contacted, as are the customer experience team at the head office in Hertfordshire. Overall they have proven reliable and on top of details.

Neil Watson

Neil Watson; Media Specialist Aberdeen Grampian Chamber of Commerce
Paul Bodger; Managing Director

We have been using 2Circles for our telecoms since opening our first club and have found their service and responsiveness to be excellent. What we wanted was a company we could actually contact and speak to when we needed them - they're much easier to deal with than the big telecoms companies and have better rates anyway. We've also used them for setting up 0845 numbers etc. Would fully recommend them.

Paul Bodger

Paul Bodger; Managing Director Time, Fitness and Anytime Leisure
Lance Goodson; Managing Director

When I started my business, I wanted a telecoms system which is very flexible and can grow and adapt with the business. After speaking to 2Circles they recommended a VOIP system which enables me to have the complete flexibility for growth in my business, and allows remote working. This saves the massive initial capital expense of buying a legacy phone system which is expensive and static and limited in growth. The beauty of the VOIP system is that we can literally turn on or off any functionality at any time.

I recently took my office to Mallorca to see if our “disaster recovery” systems would work. We were sitting in an apartment all working on WiFi and using our mobile handsets with the VOIP app (Mobile Office). It was great to be able to run our office from 32 degrees' sunshine.

Lance Goodson

Lance Goodson; Managing Director Uniglobe Carter Travel

Partners not Providers - I've been using 2Circles for a few years now and they easily stand apart from other providers. They're reliable, friendly, approachable, efficient and do everything they can to help their customers achieve the level of service they require. To me 2Circles aren't just another service provider, they're a valued business partner.

Simon Clarke
Gary McFadden; Information & Communications

My experiences with 2Circles have left me in no doubt that this organisation provides not only a fantastic product, but also first class customer service.

They provided a broadband service for Fife Gingerbread for almost three years in our office at Arden House in Leven. During this time, we did not experience any internet down time and the speeds provided far exceeded the needs for the organisation, ensuring a fast and reliable solution. This was crucial as we housed the organisations servers in this office, meaning that any internet problems would not only hit the workers in the office, but also our remote staff who relied on remote access in order to work to their full abilities.

We have now moved office and use an existing internet connection; however, I speak on behalf of everyone at Fife Gingerbread when I say if we had the choice we would have a 2Circles connection installed again in a heartbeat.

2Circles still provide us with a VOIP phone system, as well as over 20 mobile phone contracts through their sister company 2 Circles. Both of these companies have provided superb customer service to Fife Gingerbread since we moved office in October. The internet in the new building is somewhat unpredictable, but thanks to 2Circles we are able to quickly divert calls to a mobile when the internet is down, and ask advice regarding the problems we have with the internet, even though they are not providing it anymore.

We will most definitely be continuing our association with 2Circles, and I would urge others to use their services. 

 Gary McFadden

Gary McFadden; Information & Communications Fife Gingerbread
Pamela Mordey; Facilities Coordinator

We have been dealing with the team at 2Circles for nearly 2 years now. We have developed a good relationship and they provide us with a service tailored to meet the changing needs of the properties we manage for our clients. I can recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Pamela Mordey

Pamela Mordey; Facilities Coordinator M J Mapp LLP, Charted Surveyors & Property Management Consultants
Marilyn Wakefield

Dryden Aqua have been with 2Circles for about 18 months. Previous to this we had a very poor telephone system and very high costs. I felt inundated with people trying to sell me new phone systems, and felt it difficult to trust anyone.
9dots have a very practical no nonsense approach to problems. At first it seemed too good to be true - could this company really solve all my communication problems and was it that simple? It turned out that they could. The big plus factor was that they were a local company so when I really needed them they were there. We had our offices completely refurbished and a new hosted VoIP system installed with personal training sessions on the phone system. Any changes we required were only a phone call away, and we got help with sourcing extra bits of hardware required for our fax, visa and franking machine. Our main partners in Europe each have one of our VoIP phones which means contacting them is just an internal extension number. Not only has this been a great saving but we can now transfer foreign customers direct to someone who can speak their language. We have a huge amount of flexibility and it did not cost an arm and a leg. It is really important to me that I have someone that I can trust and rely on and 2Circles Consulting fulfil that requirement.

Marilyn Wakefield

Marilyn Wakefield Dryden Aqua Ltd
Kevin Scanlan; Documentation and IT Controller


CRC-Evans Offshore Ltd are a pipeline welding contractor. We regularly have a high proportion of our staff members travelling around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We rely heavily on our mobile phones to keep the business running and keep in touch with home based and international staff and customers. We do not have enough lines to warrant the network phone provider giving us a dedicated account manager and found that costs were escalating and that customer service was poor, giving us the impression that we were too small for them to worry about. I would go as far as saying I could have got better deals and customer service on a private phone contract than we were getting for our company phones.

Since we joined 2Circles we have seen a vast improvement in service and reliability. Our contract is now managed by a dedicated team, led by a knowledgeable and friendly account manager who understands our business needs and deals with any requests and queries quickly and efficiently. It makes a huge difference picking up the phone and speaking to the same person. We are now able to plan future needs and discuss ongoing issues and plans without having to explain everything from scratch to someone in a call centre who isn’t really interested. I no longer feel like I am being rushed off the phone and my account manager takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer suggestions to improve the service.

We were able to transfer our mobile fleet in stages to reduce contract termination charges with the Network provider. This in itself was a substantial saving. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as our company and mobile fleet grows.

 Kevin Scanlan

Kevin Scanlan; Documentation and IT Controller CRC-Evans Offshore Limited

I was understandably nervous about transferring our provider but after plenty of reassurance from our local rep, we ploughed ahead. The best measure of the success of that decision is that no-one in the company noticed the changeover - apart from our accounts team who saw a significant reduction in costs. Happy to recommend 2Circles to anyone.

Scott Graham

Scott Graham The Big Picture, Aberdeen
Peter Clements; Director

Having changed our landline, mobile and broadband package over to you 6 months ago we are delighted to report we are making a 40% saving over this period.

This is obviously of great benefit to us as a small business but I would have to say that being able to offer such a substantial saving to any business is something that we will happily discuss with our clients given the opportunity. I would doubt any business would not be happy to benefit from such savings also given the smooth transition from one supplier to the other.

Peter Clements

Peter Clements; Director Fire Prevetion
R M J Cooke; General Manager

I took a decision to transfer our line rental and call charges across all the Estate, Farm and Brechin Castle Centre accounts to 2Circles. Previously these services had been provided by British Telecom. 9dots were introduced to us by the Horticultural Trades Association who had negotiated a discount for HTA members.
The transfer from British Telecom was straightforward and our phone costs are undoubtedly less than previously. I have also found 2Circles responsive to any queries or problems and I value the personal contact approach, which they adopt. I am also aware that they can provide detailed information about particular types of calls, e.g. overseas calls, if that is required. Based on my experience to date I am happy to recommend 9dots to other business users.

R M J Cooke

R M J Cooke; General Manager Brechin Castle Centre
Gill Main

"I just wanted to thank you for supplying me with a fantastic phone and service provider. My phone recently suffered a technical issue and was unusable. Luckily I could continue to redirect my landline to my mobile without any major disruption but it was rather annoying paying for a service without being able to use it.

After a quick converstaion with you, you contacted 2circles who arranged a replacement phone which arrived by courier next day. It was then a simple job of swapping the phones and the job was done. A brand new totally working phone. All i need to do now is package up the old one and return it in the bag provided.

Not only do I get great service, but the package I am on is highly competitive and I look forward to referring you to others that can appreciate your service and products as much as I do.

Thanks again for all your help" 

 Gill Main

Gill Main Albany Insurance Services

Affinity Partners

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